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Book Outline

RAGE LOCK is an inquiry about the 'motoring of aggression', the instrumentation of rage and its Dennis the Menace like hijinks.

It telescopes in on the motoring of aggression used by infighting family members for destructive purposes with resulting antics seemingly straight out of the Beano comic. Rage Lock is about aggression instrumentation of a destructive type on the ground now gone mainstream and accepted as part of the cut and thrust of everyday normal life in the world of today.

Illicit motoring of aggression go from a physical contact form to a non-contact sporting kind like that of crossing the personal boundary space of another family member in order to jack boot them wind them up to get a violent reaction out of them. The general purpose behind this is to assert dominance, and/or to provoke a reaction. So what this supposedly is, is a motoring of 'aggression' in a twist of fun and Dennis the Menace slingshot trickery. In other words, a mis-use of the impulse discharge motor mechanism - a mechanism which is bi-functional in its utility function, employed as a tool to harness impulses like those of aggression energies or as a do it yourself Beano comic style re-invention for use as a catapult.

The subject matter of parents aggressing and/or wielding the catapult function of the impulse tool-weapon mechanism boggles the mind. The application of it by parents on each other and on the children is a murky topic particularly when aggression ram-jamming is involved. But so it is that we take such a detached, formal and pragmatic approach in our analysis. Therefore RAGE LOCK takes the reader into the negative aggression cauldron, the cosmic shooting gallery of the kitchen and it opens 'the illicit motoring of aggression can of worms' and its transgressions of the ground rules in place protecting the personal boundary space of people. We telescope in on the negative aggression activity of 'catapulting' and its sling fire effect on the sense of calm of its target. For example during the daily ritual of sitting down eating food, at the kitchen table, we delve into how it can play itself out as an arena of catapulting and aggression ram-jamming in a mad max sport of rivalry display between family members poking and prodding each other and vying for attention.

Illicit motoring of aggression's catapulting has a crashing like effect on the personal boundary space of an individual. It induces a scrambled egg mashup job on a child's self esteem, for example - it is not bumper car fun for all the family stuff as generally misconceived by the participants. Aggression catapulting impacts with a mechanical jamming to the aggression impulse tool-weapon motor discharge mechanism of the targeted individual. The fall out of which is arrested development and other complications for example RAGE LOCK.

Rage Lock introduces new terms to pin down the bad habits of the illicit motoring of aggression. Aggression crashing, aggression ram-jamming, buoyant aggression, unreleased aggression and aggression quagmire are terms used to explain in a simple way the murky area of illicit motoring of aggression and the dynamics of its experience on people. We identify specific difficulties the family unit may encounter on the home front in the area of aggression motoring and with aggression channeling. We trek through the difficulties induced by the 'catapult' weapon - illicit motoring of aggression and pinpoint its worst excess in aggression ram-jamming.

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