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Book Outline

Our book is a 'fun house' ride whip through free market capitalism, piracy, plunder and power on the inside catapulting track. RAGE BLOC is a 'verbal comic strip' account of rudimentary game-plays that are instrumental in the cooking up of economic rigging in order to loot the commonwealth. We write on the rigging of the free market enterprise system and part of a manifest design of an 'enclosed power structure' straight out of the pages of the Beano comic of the order of a contrived dialectical process. Whereby the wealth of the land and commerce and production is looted. And the manufacturing of artificial realities is employed to hide it. The setting up of a hall of mirrors to obfuscate its dynamics. A power made up of nothing more than those who want more, for less effort, and are enabled mechanically to make it happen. A real life Beano comic of characters seeking swag.

Society is caught in a collectivist pattern. A creation of greater and greater monopolies of commerce. Producing a kind of 'organization man'. The equivalent to a totalitarian 'organization man' where the idea of the individual disappears. And the kind of politics of individuation called democracy over time suffers diminution. And all that is inferior comes to the surface and rigging the economy one element to all of this that becomes part of the cultural mainstream norm. The re-directing of the flow of wealth away from the many to the few by an enabled system of a hidden power and hinges on a comic strip like Dennis the Menace secret.

The catapult mis-use of the impulse tool-weapon discharge mechanism that each person is equipped but only a few can mis-use effectively so (see also our book RAGE LOCK) we write off. RAGE BLOC telescopes in on its game-play and it rattles through the gamesmanship checklist of its persuasive reality of its systematic exercise of plunder. We write on an impulse tool-weapon mechanism and transgression of an aggression catapult and its slide tackle on the dynamics of economy. A colliding interplay offering provision for the instant rigging, cheating and looting of the commonwealth.

It is an illicit motoring of aggression and it opens the door for whomever is equipped to give it a whirl and go to and plunder, if one is so soarly tempted too. No fingerprints. No visible evidence of skullduggery and held in place and in operations by a social compact. A compact which is comprised of social and intimate relations contracted between accomplices playing into a 'mother substitute' model of behaviour and instrumental in the catapult success remaining in secret and in control.

Transgressions of aggression-catapulting its slide tackling and colliding interplay on the dynamics of economy is simply an ace trick and the gateway it opens up for the real life Beano comic characters many find irresistible. For thrills and an easy way for a fast buck it most certainly is, but, overtime it has mutated capitalism into a predatory system of profit making we now know as a disaster capitalism. A disaster for the many and capital for the few.

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