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Book Outline

Mr. Parker is back in action with Musta Dardo and a mission to decommission the silver sticks in Lyreland. In jail both Parker and Musta execute their quick footed wits out fox Sorkie Botchie, to track down undercover double agents Joe Slow and Cherry Bomb Bomb. Musta must first locate the dust warehouse which is the key to the shutting down of a bubble bursting racket. After a speedy interlude in Layloland to renew contact with Brunchie Boo and catch up with the exploits of Brammie Eskie's racket, Mr. Parker stays out of sight in Lyreland with Cherry Bomb Bomb and her flickering and splittering and fizzball exercises all revealing to him about the tummy turning skullduggery of the silver stick users. Events though promptly take a turn and Parker ends up in an underground recovery bay in which he comes into contact with new information about the shimblies' collapse. Meanwhile Musta now captured trying to release the discovered cartoon fish in the dust warehouse. Thus so Cherry finally moves into action and bails 'em all out. And the plan to foil the silver stick users and their strumming of lyres across Lyreland reaches its showdown with Musta, the cartoon fish, Joe Slow, 705, Cherry Bomb Bomb, Rouncie Pouncer's gang and Mr. Parker's counter-strike on the cronies running the dust and strawberry chocolate rackets in Lyreland and Layloland bringing Rufus's masterplan to life - Parker has a final mystery rendez-vous. Musta sees to it that Parker arrives there on time.


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Chapter 5

"That was a fine yarn you spun about my belly Musta", the man said.

Mr. Parker stared. He didn't dare say anything for fear his head would get hot again.

Musta glanced at Parker.

"Rufus is really turnin' the heat on you Mucko", he said.

Parker just stared at Musta. He was not going to speak for a while. Musta nodded at him. "You know Mucko, you've never once asked how to get back to Rumbolieworld you know. But hey you probably don't know that you have to find the way out of the floam back into Rumbolieworld. An airplane or balloon or busship doesn't go there. You have to figure it out for yourself and whoever figures it out gets to go back or be the first back."

"But I thought Rufus was going to bring us all back together."

"Yeh, he says that, but that ain't the case Mucko, once we get through in Lyreland you got to get yourself back to Miss Parlour and show everybody how to blow bubbles in the right way. Then we all got to find the ladder that leads outta here."

"But l thought that once Miss Parlour and I got together that that was it."

"Yeh, Rufus would give us all an airlift outta here, no such luck pal", said Musta.

"Well what's the ladder?" asked Parker, wondering how long they were going to sit all squashed up in the slivervan.

"You have to figure that out Mucko. You're leadin' the way", said Musta.

Parker looked at Musta, Joe Slow and 705 who were all looking at him.

"Because?" he asked.

"Because that's what you was sent into the floam to do", said Musta. ‘Rufus knew you would be the toughest guy for the job, because of this place."

Musta nodded towards the countryside that the slivervan stood in.

"It's so tiny", said Musta, "It's so hard to see the mischief the Lyrelandish people get up to. But you managed to see it all close up."

"You know, it has always puzzled me why the Lyrelandish people put up with me because of how tall I am."

"You have a lyre you see so they thought you were one of them. Just very odd that's all", said Musta.

Parker lifted his foot up and looked at the lyre. He strummed it slowly.

"At last", sighed Musta Dardo, as the slivervan shook and before a flick of an eyeball the van with all its passengers was inside the red box shaped building.

"Reckon Miss P. was right about you", shouted Musta, above the racket inside the building.

"You're plain stupid sometimes your highnoss, guess you ain't got it all."

Parker's nose began to go prickly again.

"Oh no", he thought. It was several minutes before 'the heat' as Musta called it wore off.

As Parker sat in the slivervan he looked in amazement at the activities taking place inside the box shaped building.

From the outside the building had looked deserted but inside there were literally thousands of people and they were not Lyrelandish they were Layloes! Parker could tell they were Layloes because of their orange eyes.

They were busy doing all manner of things in the building. Where the slivervan had appeared in the building was in a long line-up of slivervans waiting to be unloaded of their flour sacks of bubble dust.

The Layloes unloading the vans. Layloes carrying the flour sacks of bubble dust on their backs, to a large glass square container like a swimming pool which was sunken into the ground and was reached by the Layloes crossing a series of very, very, small, very rickety wooden bridges.

Once at the container they would line up for the sacks to be untied, At the side of the container sitting on wooden swings like trapeze artists sat a long row of more Layloes.

They would untie the sack, throw the string into a basket, which was tied to their backs, and then take the flour sack, turn it upside down and swing back and forth across the container, spreading the falling dust evenly back and forth across the container.

When the sack was emptied they would hand it back to the Laylo person carrier who would then make their way back across more rickety bridges to collect another sack of flour.

Layloes cleaning out the binzer vans. Layloes washing, drying, ironing the flour sacks. Layloes raking the bubble dust in the container wearing suits like astronauts.

The noise was incredible. Layloes drinking bottles of strawberry chocolate and shouting and laughing. There was a loud whirring noise coming from beyond a curtain which was at one end of the container.

Parker noticed a pipe in the container, which seemed to lead behind the curtain. And then he noticed the most incredible thing he had seen.

As he looked at the curtain, his eyes looked up, up to the top of the curtain, to the top of the ceiling of the box shaped building and there tied in groups of three were cartoon fish!

Great big, big, blue ones and green ones and purple ones. Never before had Parker seen fish, never ever. He had certainly heard tell of fish, they were the most precious cartoon animal of all but nobody he knew had ever seen one. Parker could see from the corner of his eye his three companions staring in amazement too.

Musta's eyes filled with tears

Joe Slow put an arm around Musta. Not his own arm for he had his hands in his pockets but he thought a wooden flexiarm around Musta which squeezed and patted Musta appropriately.

"Cartoon fish", said 705, feeling as though someone ought to say something at this moment, if even for Musta's sake.

"Well I never, so that's where they all are!"