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Book Outline

Mr. Parker must battle with his wits in his homeland of Lyreland. The people who live there are wretchedly tricky in their miniature tomfoolery and mischief. A puzzle solving flight of foot honed in Lyreland animates Parker into a quest to seek out a possible soul mate. Thus so begins a labyrinthine trek beginning in Bobbiville and a meet-up with 705 who points Parker in the direction of Layloland and the bearded cartoon chicken Musta Dardo. Dardo is an undercover super agent with an identity which remains a mystery and whose acquaintance is no mean accident. Dardo recruits Mr.Parker to help him with the folk of Layloland who are trapped buried under the weight of a murky secret. Mad Milchie Boor Pap is brewing a Strawberry chocolate which keeps the folk funny in the head bonkers. They must shut down the banana lump mine where strawberry chocolate is brewed and return the folk to blowing bubbles. Can Parker help and free Layloland inhabitants and do away with their demented leader Boor Pap?


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The people of Lyreland it has to be said were villains indeed but nobody in the floam knew they were such rascals. So small were they that nobody could see their rascally ways for nobody had got up close enough, nobody that is until Mr. Parker came along.

Before Parker had arrived in Lyreland the small people there had spent their time being most dreadfully naughty indeed and it was for this reason that Parker had been sent there to stop their rascal ways. Goodness me but those Lyrelandish people were rascals. They would not answer questions they did not like, they would roll great big rocks in front of people walking down the streets of Lyreland knocking people down and over, they would pick the pockets of any visitors to Lyreland and stash what they picked in holes they had dug in their back gardens. But worst of all the people of Lyreland would burst the bubbles that blew out of the shimblies in Lyreland.

The small people would run about the streets of Lyreland with sharper than sharp pointed little silver sticks which they would poke in the bubbles all around Lyreland. Now this was the most villainous thing that the Lyrelandish people did for the bubbles from the shimblies were for all the people in the whole floam. The floam don’t you see had a job to do and this job was to turn the bubbles blown out of the shimblies into fubbles, cubbles and scubbles.

Everybody who lived in the floam now or ever had been sent into the floam through a sliding doorway. Out they would come from beyond the floam where Rumbolieworld was, through the sliding doorway and down the fastest, slide slippy into whatever land they were supposed to be. The person in charge in Rumbolieworld was a rather funny gentlemen. He had a marshmallow nose and feet made of mint chocolate brittle. His body was made of red and white rock candy and his name was Rufus.

He would stand at the sliding doorway as every person stood waiting to slide into the floam.

"Now don't forget" he would say with a wiggle of his marshmallow nose, "no bursting of bubbles, no gobbling at mealtimes and always answer any questions you have been asked."

Then he would press a great big round button with one of his rock candy hands and off the person would go into the floam.

"Don't forget to listen to your radio", he would shout as the person shot down the slide.

So you see how naughty the Lyrelandish people were being doing all the things that they had been told not to do. Lyrelandish people were certainly not going to be in Rufus’s good books once they got back to Rumbolieworld.

So the people of Lyreland refused to go back to Rumbolieworld. Instead of arriving into the floam and turning the bubbles from the shimblies into fubbles, cubbles and scubbles they would burst as many bubbles as they could.

The Lyrelandish small men would blow bubbles sometimes but the Lyrelandish small women would never ever blow any bubbles at all.

In order to blow bubbles the people in the floam must snuffle wuffle the bubbles from the shimblies into their noses. The bubbles would snuffle wuffle into their noses like fizz from lemonade and then the bubbles would disappear into their bodies down into their tummies in fact which were rather like washing machines.

The bubbles would roll and fole about in their washing machine tummies until they were not bubbles any more and they were fubbles, cubbles and scubbles. When the floam was filled with fubbles, cubbles and scubbles everyone could leave the floam.

The Lyrelandish people did not want to leave the floam, they liked it there at least that was what they said. Between you and me the Lyrelandish did not want to leave because they were hibbbly hopppilie mad at Rufus for sending them to Lyreland. Lyreland you see was not the best place in the floam to be. Oh no if you were in the floam it was Bobbiville or Mookieville or some such place that you wanted to be but not Lyreland. In Lyreland you see there was not a single thing to do. A most dreadfully boringly awfullest place to land in the floam.

The only thing to do was blow bubbles all day and all night. The Lyrelandish people were so hibbbly hopppilie mad at Rufus for sending them to Lyreland they burst the bubbles from the shimblies. The shimblies in Lyreland were the only shimblies in the floam. The people of the floam waiting in the lands they lived for all those bubbles from the shimblies in Lyreland, waiting to turn those bubbles into fubbles, cubbles and scubbles. It could be said that there was a shortage of bubbles blowing about the floam because of those naughty people in Lyreland. The more bubbles they burst, the longer every, every other person in the floam would have to wait for the floam to be filled up as Rufus wanted it to be.

Nobody in the floam outside of Lyreland knew where the bubbles came from that is until Parker was sent into Lyreland to sort out this backed up into a corner situation. Parker you see once he arrived into the floam could not go unnoticed for terribly long him being a prince and all. For there was only one prince and one princess in Rumbolieworld and all the bubbles that were to be turned into fubbles, cubbles and scubbles you must understand were magic bubbles for the big mar-e-onie or wedding as you or I might say, of the prince and the princess when they and everybody else returned to Rumbolieworld.

When the mar-e-onie was over and everybody had eaten as much cake and ice-cream as they possibly could, all the magic bubbles would be popped open by Rufus and put into black woodsie boxes with a name of each person who had been in the floam on each box.

Then Rufus would give out the boxes to everyone who had been in the floam and off they would go with the popped magic bubbles in a box which were now in a big firm square in the box, a square of magic which funnily enough looked and smelled just like chocolate.

When Rufus looked into the floam through the peepholes in the roof of the dome of the floam he could see that special help was needed for the people of the floam. That he would have to send a person who would make certainly sure that all the bubbles were turned into fubbles, cubbles and scubbles once and for all and so he sent Parker and Rufus knew for sure the job would be done.