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Chronicles of Rage

Chronicles of Rage illustrates the dynamics of the clockwork of being human.

It presents the narrative from the point of view of the two competing forces of buoyant motoring and rage motoring. The former being a life-enhancing strategy, the latter being an ego-bound, counter-productive strategy.

Chronicles of Rage sets forth the proposition that the clockwork of being human is about interfacing with the psyche, its initial focus of which is on locomotion and cognition generation then turning to meditative thinking of a dynamic nature and living the symbolic life. The whole enterprise of which is overseen by the synchronization of doing and seeing.

To begin, the mind becomes confused and dismayed when confronted with chaotic situations it can hardly figure out but could it be simply that one is looking too close-up. One can take a step back and look again. Complexity is often engineered into what are basically simple problems and the starting point of exertion gets lost.

CoR volumes I to III explores the internal contortion steampunk which sees the breath control manipulated; and the muscular apparatus in a recoil action which opens the pathway for rage motoring.

CoR volumes IV to VI explores in more detail the inner workings of the clockwork of being human in terms of rage motoring and the dark side of play. Its machinations.

CoR volumes VII to IX explores the innards of deadlocked clockwork of being human.

CoR volumes X to XII explores the helmsmanship of the clockwork of being human.

CoR volumes XIII to XV explores a chain of communication, a loom and darkness within.

CoR volumes XVI to XVIII explores the dialling up of the inner self.

CoR volumes XIX to XXI explores the claims of physical and psychic life - giving the body its due.

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MR. PARKER TRILOGY - Book Description

In the Mr. Parker book trilogy we are taking on adventure with an odd bod bunch of misfits into the lands of Lyreland, Bobbiville and Layloland. The Parker storyline works in episodic format, with miniature stories blending together into a larger tale of skullduggery and greed. A tale of personal power out sleuthing that of a powerful demonic foe named Milchie Boor Pap. The reader guided by the ever competent wit of Musta Dardo and his bold comic touch always busy conducting the symphony of his own master plan, Musta instructs Parker through the maze of Lyreland and Layloland and its irascible green eyed inhabitants amok. The Parker books pace along in a rollicking read and adventure and a detective narrative rolled into one.

Book one: The reader is first introduced to a much betwixt Mr. Parker - a fish out of water. Our first encounter sees Mr. Parker in his homeland and itching to get busy solving the puzzles and riddles he is fed up seeing all around him. The adventure Mr. Parker is looking for so arrives and with it he is whisked off in hot pursuit of a trail of clues leading him to Lotus Low in Bobbiville and to Layloland. Whereupon Parker uncovers a vast den of treachery and conspiracy to keep the Layloes befuddled, confused and greedy. Greedy for strawberry chocolate buried in the mine of golden bubbles in the outskirts of Layloland town. Whilst Parker is in Layloland he hooks up with a special agent Musta Dardo. There they go too Milchie Boor Pap arch-villainous mayor of Layloland operating a racket out of Layloland. Boor Pap is brining in strawberry chocolate stopping Layloland inhabitants from blowing bubbles. Boor Pap's mad obsession with the chocolate has resulted in him imprisoning the cartoon animals of Layloland to concoct up a secret special brew of strawberry chocolate and further fueling Boor Pap's bonkers state. Boor Pap maintains fear over any rebellion of the Layloland people by the punishment of being sent to the dreaded cheese and coleslaw sandwich wall. Musta and Parker hook up with Brunchie Boo, head baker of Layloland, and they hatch a plan to free Layloland of Boor Pap.



Book two begins with Musta and Parker hatching a plan in jail in Lyreland. The rascally people of Lyreland are bursting bubbles and Dardo is hot on its heels to bring it to an urgent final end. The shimblies bubbles are but a magic resource and bursting them plays havoc with the overall harmony and cycle of living on the floam. Parker is now on the case alongside Dardo who never reveals the full facts. They bust out of jail and set the plan in motion. They track down Cherry Bomb Bomb and with her assistance Parker must blunt the silver sticks. Meanwhile, Rufus - the mechanical world of the floam's clockwork maker is busy tinkering away on an outcome too. The intrigue thickens as the shimblies become in imperil as a plot is hatched by Podie Rim Rim to demolish them and scupper everything. Dardo and Parker adventure deep into the caverns of the mis-deeds and cover up the bubble bursting chaos demands of its silver stick users.